Ferrari 328 GTS "E Friendly Detail"

Ferrari 328 GTS “E Friendly Detail”

     E Friendly Waterless Detail starts at $135

CLAY BAR” Service Added to the detail mentioned below is an additional $35. “CLAY BAR” Service includes: The entire vehicle surface is decontaminated, including windows. 

What is done:

1) “Wash And Wax Anywhere” with high gloss polymer wax, is sprayed on and wiped off and buffed out using “Microfiber Detail Cloth” leaving a scratch free/swirl free surfac

2) “Wheel and Tire Cleaner” is used on rims and tires. Including a technique that easily rids of brake dust stains and brings any type of rim to a new shine. The rims are very well taken care of by using the non acidic material that does not eat the factory coating of the rims.

3)”Glass Cleaner” leaves glass spotless and removes any type blemish (tree sap, stickers, etc.) and applies water beading technology to enhance driving visibility. Made with non-toxic/Biodegradable formula. I also use a clay bar and a technique to smooth the glass surface on all windows.

*All plastic is thoroughly and properly cleaned. (dash, vents, doors with no leather, etc.) Giving your vehicle the natural look. Non-greasy formula.

4) “Trim Restorer” (**Not used on all trim or all vehicles.**) is used on plastic trim. Outside door moldings, bumper moldings, rubber and plastic around the windows. To keep the original look and the trim in the utmost condition E Friendly makes the decision of applying the restorer or not depending on your type of vehicle.

5) “Tire Shine”- Long lasting high gloss shine. Made with no harsh solvents/non-toxic. This product has been the longest lasting tire shine I have used. I guarantee a lasting shine until your next detail.

6) “Leather Cleaner” lifts ground in dirt, removes stains and safely cleans all leather and vinyl surfaces. Its unique pH balanced formula is strong, but safe for all leather applications. Also used on convertible tops.

7) “pH balanced Leather Cream Conditioner” is used on your leather surfaces. The “Leather Conditioner” contains natural ingredients that preserve, restores and moisturizes all leather and vinyl surfaces. ph Balanced, safe for leather. The entire leather surface is covered, conditioned, and buffed out leaving a great soft leather feel. The way leather should feel.

8)  “Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner” is used on entire carpet and upholstery surfaces. Spot removal and conditioning to the entire carpet/upholstery surfaces. The entire carpet/upholstery is also covered in *Scotchgard.

A wet/dry shop vac is used to vacuum the carpet.

This is a waterless service so I am able to get your car handled anywhere you are and anywhere there is water restrictions.

Tesla Model S "Wax N Polish"

Tesla Model S “Wax N Polish”

——–Vehicles are waxed using a  technique that acts as a catalyst turning the product into an actual wax, ready for application.———

                                                     E Friendly “Wax n Polish”  $300 and up

                                                       *********SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!*********

*STEP 1:  A “Clay Bar/ deconamination” is used to clean your paint surface from any surface contaminants, and light oxidation.

**STEP 2: “Ultimate Compound” to safely restore color and clarity to abused, neglected finishes or just maintain your vehicles paint and keep it clean. E Friendly uses two(2) grades of compound a strong grade for deep scratches paint defects and a light grade for lighter scratches and lighter defects. The revolutionary formula cuts as fast as harsh abrasive compounds but without scratching… even on clear coat finishes. This dramatically reduces the time and effort required to remove defects and makes traditional rubbing and polishing compounds obsolete! This is the fast, easy way to remove oxidation, scratches and swirl marks. The secret is exclusive micro-abrasive technology. Whether working by hand or with a DA polisher, these are truly the ultimate compounds!  This gets it ready for the next step…(NOT ALL VEHICLES ARE CLEANED/PREPPED WITH COMPOUND)

*STEP 3: A nice”Pre-Wax Polish” is applied and hand buffed out to rid your vehicle of any swirl marks to produce deep wet reflections with high gloss. This step further removes any light scratches left behind from the heavy conditioning compound. *ATTENTION: NO GLOSS IS USED ON “MATTE” FINISHED VEHICLES. Customer: “Why?” E Friendly: “To keep the best possible finish on the “Matte” paint job….the Polymer Wax will give the reflection and protection needed and will not change anything about your color….”

*STEP 4: “Paste Wax/ Protection” synthetic polymers crosslink to form a protective barrier that accurately reflects and amplifies light for incredible depth and mirror-like shine that won’t leave a white residue on trim & plastic. This features Thin Film technology, which makes the wax incredibly easy to apply. A minimum of  3 coats of wax applied with a “set time” between each coat.and one additional coat the next day.

This type of “Paste Wax” lasts longer than a carnauba wax and even longer than many synthetic waxes. It’s formulated to offer the longest-lasting protection and water-beading. Hydrophobic Polymer Technology reduces surface tension so water beads and rolls off!

The “Paste Wax” is suitable for any paint color. It enhances color, depth, and reflections.  Applied and buffed out by hand.

Please allow a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 10+ hours for this service to be completed.


Alpina B7 "Wax N Polish

Alpina B7 “Wax N Polish

                                              “E Friendly’s Interior Shampoo & Condition”

**This service includes a regular exterior detail**

This specific detail focuses on the interior and bringing it back to new condition or just to keep the “new” look and smell of your vehicle. E Friendly uses material that does not add any smell to your vehicle. The shampoo that is used temporarily smells good but soon the smell will disappear when the entire interior is dry. Any scratches on the interior trim is taken care of. Scratches on plastic are not easily taken out and may stay depending on how deep the scratch is.

*The entire interior is thoroughly inspected and treated, cleaned, conditioned, shampooed, and scratch removal.

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Interior Detail

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Interior Detail


E Friendly Wax & Polish 2″ $270-295(larger vehicles)

Same as “Wax and Polish” with the added:

2 passes of “Pre-wax Polish”

2 more protective layers of wax are applied for a total of 5 layers. **The two extra layers of wax are applied the next morning after the original detail date. The reason is because the E Friendly “Paste Wax” takes between 12 to 24 hours to fully cure. Two layers are applied after the first three layers are fully cured. 

This is, basically, a “deeper conditioning” service to the entire vehicle. Interior and exterior. The paint is left with the most possible reflection of light from all angles. Paint surface is thoroughly broken down to the clear coat and more layers of gloss and protecting wax applied.

Subaru "Wax N Polish"

Subaru “Wax N Polish”


“Headlight Restoration”- Removes ALL yellow stains and any other sun damage. This service gives your headlights looking brand new! The yellow sun damage will not return. add $60-(if desired)

**NOTE: Headlights are cleaned thoroughly with a LIGHT rub of clay bar, then compound on each detail or wax job. Polished. Then covered in wax. BUT I do not cut deep into the coating of the headlights in order to be resprayed a clearcoat.




“Motorcycle Detailing” $65…

*The motor bike is washed waterless. Then I use the “Wax n Polish” steps to clean up the paint and to remove any oxidation. The rims are cleaned and shined with a final polymer wax protectant. This helps keep brake dust and any road grime from permanently damaging the rims.

*The front windshield is cleaned of any debris and sun damage to keep the original look and appeal.

*Any chrome is polished and shined for maximum reflection.

*Any and all oil is removed from the motor to help keep your motors temperature down.

***Call for any questions or an appointment.


BMW detailed

BMW detailed


Pure Polymer Wax Information

Need a porous surface to bond to, they initially adhere by surface tension and then after a period in which the solvents /oils in the carrier system vaporize (outgas) the polymers cross-link to form a covalent (molecular) bond to the surface. This process usually requires 12-24 hours, which are time and temperature and / or humidity dependent.

Note that drying and curing are two different processes. Drying generally refers to evaporation of the solvent or thinner, whereas curing (cross-linking) refers to polymerization of the binder, which imparts adhesion, binds the pigments together, and strongly influences such properties as gloss potential, exterior durability, flexibility, and toughness.

When polymer chains are linked together extensively by chemical cross linking – the formation of covalent bonds between chains; the polymer is harder and more difficult to melt. Curing is required to allow the monomers (polymer building blocks) to attach to the surface and to polymerize into a crystal-clear, impervious film.

It is very important to allow polymers to cure for 12 hours after the haze has been wiped off. If the coating is exposed to contamination such as oil, rain, water, cleaners, etc. before it has cross-linked, the contaminants may interfere with the film, preventing the polymer from achieving its maximum performance and durability. A polymer, unlike wax forms a molecular bond with paint once it’s had enough time to cross-linking, usually 12 – 24 hour.

A unique aspect of polyurethane chemistry is that the hydrogen bonding acts as an additional crosslink, but also allows thermoplastic flow, which helps the paint surface to retain its elasticity and its tensile strength to relieve mechanical stress. The basic structure of a polyurethane clear coat features a soft segment (polyol or tetramethylene ether) which gives it flexibility and elasticity. There is also a hard segment (polymerization) that has high urethane density, which gives the coating hardness and tensile strength.

Inorganic (Polymer) Sealant
Comprise an open linked molecule, which forms a bond with the paint; these open linked polymer molecules join together to create an elongated mesh like effect that reflects light efficiently due to their inherent flat surface. Because they are usually very transparent they transmit the surface colour faithfully, but they have very little depth resulting in what is perceived as a very bright, flat silver glow, polymers (Zaino, Klasse, Rejex, etc) Some paint sealants contain wax; the longevity of a paint sealant is due to the type of silicone (usually amino-functional silicone) that is used in its formulation. Polymers sealants require a paint to form a convalescent (molecular) bond to (usually 12-24 hours); they will not bond directly to metal to provide protection.

Masarati GTS - Wax n Polish

Masarati GTS – Wax n Polish






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